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CBD Oil Tincture 10ml

CBD Oil Tincture 10ml

Peppermint 500-2000mg £29.99

In stock

A full spectrum CBD with peppermint, cannabinoids: CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC, natural terpenes in and MCT coconut oil. Our organic, non-GMO CBD is from the USA and using whole plant extracts from the Sativa L plant and CBD is extracted using co2 to ensure optimum purity, free from pesticides and metallics.

CBD Oil Tinctures 10ml

CBD Oil Tinctures 10ml

Natural 500-2000mg £29.99

In stock

A full spectrum CBD, cannabinoids: CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC, natural terpenes in and MCT coconut oil. Our organics, non-GMO CBD is from the USA and using whole plant extracts from the Sativa L plant and CBD is extracted using co2 to ensure optimum purity, free from pesticides and metallics.

CBD Tablets (30x50mg)

CBD Tablets (30x50mg)

Natural 1500mg £39.99

In stock

These THC free, high strength CBD tablets give you a consistent measure of CBD in an easy-to-swallow format. Perfect for on the go. Taking CBD tablets is one of the easiest ways to take CBD, not everyone likes the taste of traditional CBD oil, so CBD tablets offer a great alternative. These CBD tablets are all extremely convenient and really quick and easy to take.

CBD Tea (10x16mg)

CBD Tea (10x16mg)

Natural 160mg £12.99

In stock

CBD tea is a fantastic way to enjoy your CBD, each tea bag contains 16mg of full spectrum CBD in a handy resealable pack to keep the freshness in. This is one of the highest CBD contents in a tea available with 16mg per teabag. Leaf Organics tea contains the actual leaf of the plant plus a little bit of Indian black tea. A perfect evening drink.

Researched for your reassurance.

Why Leaf Organics?

We are passionate about all things CBD related, and we believe in every CBD product we supply. We use all of our products as part of a daily health & wellbeing routine. We provide only premium quality CBD products at the best prices which continually deliver results.

The product range.

We stock a wide range of premium quality CBD products so you can choose the best combination for you. These include CBD tinctures & tablets, CBD balms, CBD body creams, CBD body oil, CBD bath salts, and CBD soaps.

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Help when you need it.

We are experts on all things CBD and have spent years researching the science behind CBD on your behalf. We have researched everything for your complete reassurance. We offer free information and support on the entire product range.

Quality and assurance

We value your health & wellbeing and want to provide you with the best CBD products available. All our CBD products have undergone stringent laboratory testing to ensure quality, cleanliness, and compliance. Our raw CBD oil comes from pesticide-free, organic, non-GMO, industrial hemp plants, giving our oils a natural golden colour.

Better research, products and results

Premium grade CBD products.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD

All our CBD products contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and naturally occurring properties.

Lab Tested

Lab Tested

All our CBD products are 3rd party tested to ensure quality and purity.

100% Natural

100% Natural

All our high quality CBD oil products are 100% natural and pure.

Organic Farmed

Organic Farmed

All our Cannabis Sativa is sourced from certified organic farms.

Non GMO Products

Non GMO Products

All crops are grown from non GMO seeds with nothing else added.

Animal Friendly

Animal Friendly

None of our CBD products are tested on any animals.

CO2 Extracted

CO2 Extracted

Our CBD is extracted using C02 the gold standard because it preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

All our CBD products are vegan friendly.

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What our clients are saying

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 I was interested to try the CBD oil for back ache but I was unsure where to start. I was fortunate enough to come across Leaf and because they were so helpful and informative I felt confident to try their products. I am really pleased with the results and I am keen to continue. I have recommended Leaf to friends and family too.

Anna N

Leaf organics CBD was very quick to respond to my enquiries, very knowledgable and delivered the products personally to me. Highly recommend.

Sarah P

Absolutely amazing products, I absolutely love the 250 mg CBD body cream for me and the muscle cream for my patients. The customer service is absolutely fantastic! 5 Star service! I would highly recommend Leaf Organics products to anyone! 

Sam D - Chiropractor

Recently discovered this brand, but because of the wide variety of the products, and because I always wanted to try out a CBD Muscle Cream, I thought I would give this company a try. I am loving the CBD cream, and using it in a daily basis, as it’s helping with my aching muscles, especially after long and hard sessions in the gym. Would definitely recommend this product! Thank you!

Dejan M

I spoke with Leaf organics about problems with sleep and muscle recovery post training. I was recommended I try the CBD oil tincture. After 2 days of use I noticed an improvement in my sleep and reduced muscle soreness the day after workouts, which has allowed me to train harder. I'll definitely be continuing to use CBD oil as part of my training recovery plan.

Christian C

Amazing what a difference this CBD has made to my life already. I have now been using the oil for a week and I am always feeling so much better, I have more energy, I haven’t taken any painkillers which I normally take daily and I have struggled with sleep for the last 2 years and I have slept right through the night for the last 5 nights!! I feel like a new women already!! Anyone struggling with sleep, anxiety or pain. I really recommend you try Leaf Organics CBD products

Louise N

Excellent customer service and speedy delivery of  the CBD products. Highly recommended

Gary T

Fantastic high quality CBD products! Very knowledgeable. High recommend

Jonelle D

Excellent choice of CBD products available, and the knowledge in helping choose what is right for you, really gives you confidence in the CBD oil and that it meets your needs.

Micheal G

Thank you Leaf Organics i have just received my CBD Body Oil. The oil smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft. My sore hands, from all the extra hand washing, are loving it too. Thanks again.

Denise J

Bought the Leaf Organics CBD oil recently, it seems to have made me calmer and with less pain so would recommend highly

Christine D

Leaf Organics Peppermint CBD drops are brilliant. I have tried a lot of CBD and felt that the taste was horrible but this is truly a delight. This CBD has helped me with lower back pain that I have been experiencing of late and the CBD oil combined with the muscle cream really is working wonders. Would definitely recommend.

Matthew N

Wow, what a knowledgeable CBD company !!  Not only are the team are lovely they are always on hand for advice. Five star service and price xx

Cherly I

I’ve been using this CBD oil for the last month and it’s made such a difference! I mainly bought it to help me sleep which it definitely does but it’s also noticeably made a difference to my anxiety levels too.

Laura F

I have used these  CBD products for some time and have really noticed a difference. The excellent advice and service from Leaf Organics really helped with selecting the right product for me. Highly recommend.

Paul C

I can safely say the CBD oil has helped me. The team at Leaf Organics are lovely and so knowledgeable I felt very happy purchasing from them. There are a lot of people out there who don't know what they are talking about, with Leaf  I feel 100% confident I will be given the best advice about CBD for me!

Helen F - Yoga Instructor

I use the 500 mg CBD balm for my tennis elbow and eczema. but found out it is great for buns too. I carelessly burnt my hand on the BBQ lid, it flared up straight away and I thought it was going to blister. I quickly applied some of the CBD balm and have been doing so since and the swelling and pain has all but gone.  I also use the CBD balm as a lip balm.too.

Phil K

Have been struggling mentally and I couldn’t see out of the black hole I was in! Leaf organics were very helpful and informative. Explaining exactly what would be best for me! After only 1 week I felt like a different woman! My sleep quality!!!! Absolutely amazing! I suffer with osteoarthritis from top to toe and my body pretty much is pain free! No coincidence!

Annelies A

I cannot rate this CBD product enough. Thoroughly researched CBD products which stand out against the competition by far!

Becky F

Absolutely love the CBD bath salts, smell amazing and left my skin so soft. The amount of information I was given before my purchase was just outstanding, they obviously know their stuff at Leaf ! The service was outstanding too.

Michelle B

Thank you so much for the CBD products, within a short space of time I have noticed a huge difference! in my pain. I would highly recommend Leaf Organics so helpful and knowledgeable

Becki D

Leaf Organics CBD balm Is the best product I've had for my skin. My skin is very sensitive and it has been looking better and the best it has been in years. I also use the CBD balm on my lips too.

Jordan M

I have bought the CBD oil for my Dad who suffers from essential tremor. He was suffering with a server cough and was unable to talk. Within 24 hours of using the full spectrum CBD his voice was back. Amazing products and great help and advise on dosage and timing.

Tracey P

Fantastic customer service, the CBD Cleansing Soap is a particular favourite, it really helps clear up blemishes and oily skin, when breakouts happen.

Pierce C

I had been struggling with stress and fatigue. The Leaf Organics CBD oil helps me sleep better and I am much calmer. I was given great advise about how to take CBD, highly recommend.

Sue C

I have been using the CBD Soap and 500 mg CBD balm as I have bad acne on my face. These products have cleared up my spots and balanced my skin out perfectly. The best products I have ever used.

Michael S

Super approachable and knowledgeable about their CBD products.

Neil G

Before during and after my period I was in excruciating sciatica pain. After only 1 month of taking  Leaf Organics CBD oil 1000 mg have not had any pain whats so ever. The difference with this CBD is amazing.

Laura J

The CBD 500 mg balm is brilliant.I use it my chapped lips once or twice a day, not every few hours like with other lip balms I have used. I also use the CBD balm to moisturise my face. This CBD balm lasts. for moths.

Zee T

I have been taking the CBD capsules which I find easier to take. I have several aliments, one being MS. I get swelling and pain and the CBD has helped reduce these symptoms, plus I feel much calmer.

Vicky W

A massive recommendation for Leaf organics CBD oil. I feel Like a new woman, my mood swings and headaches have reduced and the pain I get from endometriosis has improved so much. Thank you.

Sasha C

After just a few days of using the CBD soap, my hands are feeling so much softer, hydrated and the dryness has gone. I work in the retail/food industry so I'm constantly washing my hands, I love this CBD soap so much.

Kate T

Fantastic product it’s really helped with my sleep and aching body - only been using the CBD oil for 2 weeks but it’s really made a difference already. Fab service too and really helpful about the best CBD products to use. Would highly recommend.

Emma R

I have been buying the CBD oil for my other half who has bad osteoarthritis, within a week of taking the CBD, it has really helped. Excellent products and excellent customer service. What a fantastic Stockport company.

Kerry B

Fantastic service. I have been taking CBD to help me manage my fibromyalgia as I cannot take OTC pain killers. The Leaf Organics CBD has really helped me.

Steph G

The CBD oil really helped me with anxiety and sleep problems and the CBD balm is so lovely and soothing for any aches and pains. Great service and product knowledge, highly recommend!

Jo K

Very approachable and knowledgeable company with wealth of experience. It is great to have such a company in Stockport. Highly recommend.

Luisa L

I was amazed at how quick it came! The CBD peppermint flavor is a game changer for me! Some other brands taste horrible. The CBD oil works immensely good for my training and taking the edge of my racing anxiety. Thank you.

Rick C

Extremely helpful in recommending CBD tinctures and CBD balms to help with my hip soreness. I was very pleasantly surprised at how effective it was. I now have some CBD oil as well and absolutely love it, Highly recommend Leaf Organics. Thank You.

Louise E

Extremely good service, very helpful and approachable. Highest quality CBD products I have encountered.

Chidi I

Since taking Leaf Organics CBD tinctures I have noticed my stress levels have really reduce and my focus at work is so much better. The peppermint tastes really nice with no after taste.

Heather - Personal Trainer

The Leaf Organics CBD balm has helped improve the scare on my leg from an operation which left me with 68 stitch marks. Highly recommend this Stockport based company.

Ella W

I compete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the CBD tinctures have helped my body recovery quicker from daily training as well as improve my sleep. I also use the CBD body oil which has really helped control my eczema.

Josh - Personal Trainer

I have been using Leaf Organics CBD 1000 mg tincture which has helped improve my knee pain that I have struggled with for years. Great customer service, thank you.