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Ellie, 49 – To help with anxiety, sleep, and pain.

Reason for using CBD.

I started taking Leaf Organics CBD to help reduce my anxiety levels, improve my sleep, perimenopause symptoms and aching joints.

My symptoms had stopped my running hobby and over lockdown, my mental health really suffered. I was not sleeping at night and I had an awful feeling of impending doom. I did not want to go on traditional medication so started to research CBD and found Leaf Organics.

How CBD helped Ellie

500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, 2000 mg CBD, tincture bottles. natural golden full spectrum CBD from Leaf Organics

After an initial consultation with Leaf Organics, I began taking 5 drops of 500mg peppermint in the morning and 5 drops about 1 hour before bed which is about 25mg a day. I found after 3 weeks I did feel a little better but knew I had to give it a few more weeks to see the full benefit.

I then purchased the 1000mg peppermint CBD and upped my dose to 50mg a day. What a difference, I am so pleased to have given the CBD a few more weeks and increased my dose as recommended.– CBD dosage chart

Six months on and Leaf Organics CBD oil is an important part of my daily routine, it has levelled my emotional wellbeing and supports my physical maintenance.  I feel so much better and my anxiety levels are down, my hormones are more balanced and I have started to run again.

Products Ellie uses

250mg CBD Muscle cream and 500 Mg peppermint CBD bundle deal

I take around 25mg or Peppermint 1000mg CBD oil which is about 10 drops a day.  I take 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening. 

I am so much calmer and feel like I have my life back. I am now trying bath salts and muscle cream to help with muscle tiredness after I have run.

I am so happy to have found such a high quality, safe and trusted CBD brand.

Leaf Organics is dedicated to offering the best CBD products available in the UK. We have extensively researched and sourced the best products (see our Lab Reports)

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Leaf Organics products are a food supplement only and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Leaf Organics products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Keep out of the reach of young children. Always read the label. All products contain less than 0.1% THC.