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Rob – Run recovery.


Rob – Ultrarunner, marathon runner, and future Ironman.

Rob McMurdo - running

Reason for using CBD.

I run long distances and push my body, I needed something to help improve my post-run recovery, aching joints, and muscle pain. I wanted to maximise my training by reducing rest time and reducing injuries.

I use the whole range of products from taking the oil before bed to help recharge and relax, as well as the cream to apply to aching swollen and sometimes injured muscles.

How CBD helped Rob

I take 5 drops of 500mg peppermint in the morning and 5 drops about 1 hour before bed which helps me relax after a hard training run.

I have noticed my injuries had recovered quicker and my post muscle fatigue has reduced allowing me to train harder. I find that applying the muscle cream to my legs has helped reduce delayed onset muscle strain (DOMS)

Products Rob uses.

I love the 250mg Muscle cream for aching muscles and on my ankle issue. It has really helped. I love the cooling effect of the peppermint.

I take around 25mg Peppermint 500mg CBD oil which is about 10 drops a day.  I take 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening.  I tend to use the oil as and when I need it which is usually after an exceptionally long run or when I can’t switch off at night.

100mg CBD bath salts

My absolute favourite product is the bath salts, I add them to my foot spa when I am repairing my feet and giving myself a pedicure and not only does it make it smell nice, but it too soothes aching parts of my feet and ankles.

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