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Linda -Spartan Ultra world Champion, Ultra-runner, and 24hrs endurance racer.

Reason for using CBD.

I spend most of my time either training or looking for events that require a high amount of endurance ability. My focus has been 24hr obstacle race events, but I also do a lot of ultra-running races and I am building up to 24-hour endurance to runs. My aim has been to increase training intensity and find ways to reduce stress on my body to prevent injury.

I decided to incorporate CrossFit style workouts, I didn’t realise how stressful the workload was on my body, adding this onto my ultra-training was really starting to put stress on my body through muscle tightness and poor sleep quality. I started looking for new ways to help my body recover alongside my daily yoga, stretching and conditioning sessions.

I came across CBD oil that a lot of CrossFit and endurance athletes use and they gain fantastic results as it improves focus when training, reduces recovery time, muscle soreness and improves sleep quality so I was keen to try it.  I spent a few weeks researching products and that’s when I came across Leaf Organics and Michelle who told me all about the water soluble THC FREE which is perfect for athletes that compete at my level.

How CBD helped Linda?

I take 25 mg of water soluble CBD about 1 hour before bed, and after a very long training session or run I use the amazing CBD Bath salts which smell incredible and help my muscles relax.

Leaf Organics Water soluble 500mg CBD Stockport

I decided to use the CBD for a month and using my Garmin watch to monitor my sleep and general rest periods. The first thing I noticed was the instant relaxed feeling I get when I take CBD before bed, it was like my muscles had switched off and become heavy and relaxed. My Garmin tracks all my health stats and is very accurate, it showed me that my sleep improved with less restfulness throughout the night and I have now stopped waking at 2-3 am.

I am currently on a muscle build programme and have been training for a 100mile ultra, I’ve noticed that my training hasn’t dipped, and I am able to train every day without feeling tired or worn out from the workload.

Recently I have been building my miles up to the point I was running 75 miles in a week alongside CrossFit and weight training, at no point did I feel injured or sore or that I could not train. This is massively beneficial when increasing intensity as the usual problem that comes with poor recovery is injury.

I would encourage anyone looking to improve their recovery or sleep to try Leaf Organics CBD.

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