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CBD Oil for ADD and ADHD in Children and Adults: Does It Work?

Nourishing our body by eating healthy, exercising, and resting with good quality sleep is allows us to perform at our best enabling us to focus and concentrate in our daily lives. Unfortunately, some people have a condition called attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that prevents them from concentrating.

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Symptoms can include:
Easily distracted
Lack of impulse control
Lack of focus or Hyperfocus
Poor organisational skills
Unable to concentrate
Poor listening
Excessive talking
Unable to sit still

Very often ADHD patients have other issues such as anxiety disorder and depression, sleep problems, epilepsy and Tourette’s syndrome.

While medication is a great option for many people, they can find over time the medication can have some unpleasant side effects, it can also stop working or can become addictive.  Due to these unwanted side effects, many who suffer from either ADD or ADHD are turning to cannabidiol or CBD as a treatment.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is gaining widespread popularity. A new CBD Usage survey has been carried out by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis (CMC) estimated that 6 million people in the UK have used CBD in some form to help with issues such as sleep, anxiety, and pain.

CBD is being promoted as an alternative treatment for ADHD  which is shown to be a safe and effective treatment for children and adults.

How CBD works

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CBD supplements your endocannabinoid system (ECS), the body’s largest neurotransmitter network which affects all aspects of health.

There is still a lot more to learn about how CBD works in the human body, but scientists suggest that CBD produces beneficial effects by interacting with your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

When you consume CBD oil it engages with your cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) and type 2 (CB2), which have a direct effect on specific parts of your body.

CB1 is more abundant in the brain and CB2 is more abundant in the immune system. It’s connected to pain and inflammation.

CBD appear to trigger your body to use more of the cannabinoids it produces naturally. Which may lead to several benefits, including decreased anxiety and reduced hyperactivity.

Side effects of CBD

CBD is well-tolerated even at high doses of up to 1,500 mg per day a lot more than the recommended amount of 25-70mg per day.  The side effects of CBD may include upset stomach, drowsiness, or changes in appetite or weight.

Does CBD help with ADHD or ADD?

There is some research on whether CBD oil can help with ADHD, but there are many studies that have shown improvements in patients with epilepsy, hyperactivity, anxiety and sleep which has prompted the discussion around CBD helping patients with ADHD.

Hyperactivity is one of the most common symptoms of ADHD. CBD has been shown to reduce hyperactivity. This is because CBD works to regulate the endocannabinoid system in the body and has been shown to help the cognitive functions in the brain which helps assist with behaviour, performance, and improvements in overall mental state.

Most reports on CBD in children are case studies or individual anecdotes reported through doctors or researchers. In 2015, 117 parents of children with epilepsy reported safely administering CBD products to their children. These parents reported improvements in sleep, alertness, and mood with regular CBD use.

Which CBD product should I buy?

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One of the questions we often get asked at Leaf Organic CBD is what CBD product should I buy? It can be overwhelming the amount of information that is out there as you start your CBD journey. Here at leaf organics, we have several different products from oil one a day tablets, edible sweets like gummies, and tea, so I am sure you will find something that will best fit you. 

Final thoughts About CBD

ADD and ADHA impacts every aspect of a person’s life and also their family life.

Adding in a daily dose of CBD can have a positive effect on ADD and ADHD symptoms and help improve day to day life, it might be worth a try to see if it could help you?

If you are unsure about which CBD products to use, then please get in touch we would be happy to help.


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