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Olympians are turning to CBD.

For the first time in history, CBD is allowed to be used at the Tokyo Olympics as it is now classed as a legally supplement for Olympians and all athletes.

In 2018 WADA announced that CBD had been removed from the banned substance list, allowing athletes to freely use CBD to help performance and recovery during training and competitions.

Until the change, all athletes were unable to use CBD because the World Anti-Doping Agency (W.A.D.A) had previously listed CBD as a prohibited substance.

Why are athletes turning to CBD?

CBD has shown to have many benefits for both the body and mind, so it is no surprise that many athletes are big fans of this natural product. Many athletes are adding CBD into their daily routine to help them sleep better, reduced muscle soreness and improve recovery. Unlike opioid pain medications, CBD is not addictive and research has found that CBD can help decrease the addictive use of marijuana as well as opioids like morphine.

Whether you are an amateur or professional athlete, there are lots of reasons why CBD could be a helpful natural performance and recovery supplement.

500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, 2000 mg CBD, tincture bottles. natural golden full spectrum CBD from Leaf Organics

Many top athletes who incorporate CBD into their fitness regimes say that CBD helps them recover quickly from injury, improves sleep and reduce performance anxiety.

The number of professional athletes using CBD is growing all the time, and many famous athletes are publicly advocating CBD products in sport. Mike Tyson, Nate Diaz, Kieran Kevan, Chari Hawkins, Charley Hoffman, Eddie Hall, Brooke Ence all use CBD and some have invested in CBD companies.

Many athletes and Olympians are looking at CBD to help them but are concerned that CBD may cause them to get an adverse drug test result that could see them fined or even banned from their sport. There are many different types of CBD and understanding the difference between illegal marijuana and the 3 different types of legal CBD products on the market that are WADA approve is the key.

What is CBD

Marijuana and CBD both come from cannabis species however they have different cannabinoid profiles and have very different content of THC.

What is CBD made from

Cannabidiol or as we know it CBD is made from industrial hemp which is different to marijuana.  To be classed as industrial hemp the THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol content (the bit that gets you high) must not be above 0.3%, in the U.K. it’s even lower 0.2%.  Once the industrial hemp is harvested it is made into raw CBD and then into our amazing range of CBD products.

There are three different types of CBD, full-spectrum (which must contain less than 1mg of THC per container), broad-spectrum and CBD isolate, all of which are legal in the UK and will not get you high.

Understanding the difference between the three types of CBD you are purchasing is extremely important. Even though full-spectrum CBD is considered the best type of CBD available if you are competing in an event where you must adhere to WADA rules then the only CBD that you should orally take is THC free CBD such as our Lemon tincture or our THC free CBD tablets.

Unfortunately for US sprinter Sha ‘Carri Richardson, missed the Tokyo Olympics as she tested positive for marijuana during the US Track & Field trials. Marijuana is legal in many states across America, however, it is not W.A.D.A approved as it contains THC.

500mg CBD, 1000mg CBD, 2000 mg CBD, tincture bottles. natural golden full spectrum CBD from Leaf Organics

Here at Leaf Organics, we have years of knowledge about CBD and can recommend and guide you to the best products for you and your lifestyle. we offer both full-spectrum products and a range of THC free oil, tablets and baths salt. We work with many top athletes ensuring they get the best result from CBD while staying W.A.D.A compliant.


CBD oil could help you perform better, train harder, recover quicker, be more focused, and feel ready to tackle a big race when the time arrives. There is a lot of evidence to show how CBD positively affects physical and mental health and offers a natural helping hand to help you on your fitness journey. Many Olympians have incorporated CBD into their daily routine, is it time you gave it a try.

Leaf Organics is dedicated to offering the best CBD products available in the UK. We have extensively researched and sourced the best products (see our Lab Reports) Should you need further information, please contact our friendly team today.

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